Insurection at the Capitol

3 months ago Editor 0

On January 20th, 2021, the US capitol experienced a wave of far left extremists displaying a violent and unprovoked attack on the peaceful republic of America. The insurectionist took the capitol and declared themselves the new governement and immediately started to command the US military to support the coup. The far left facist dictator, Joe Biden, presented his gender neutral second in command Kamala Harris as his successor if he was to be unable to execute his duties handed out to him by the international puppet masters he bows to. The aparently inebriated and giddy Harris prepars to take charge as it is evident during the first day in power that Biden’s hand may cramp at any time from over used of the executive pen. A rebel force of scrappy patriots consisting of a mere 100+ million voters and an unknown number of silent supporters regroup to peacefully render the facist regime neutralized within a two year time frame. May God bless this nations return to the more peaceful time of 2016-2020.