AP: Stop Calling Kamala Harris a “Mistress”—She Was a “Companion” a “Friend”

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April 16, 2021 By Stephen Frank

Looks like Associated Press has signed on to the Kamala Harris for President 2024 campaign.  In preparation they want to create revisionist history.  As you remember, Harris got her start in politics, the old fashioned way—she slept with a politically powerful married man, Willie Brown.  She, at the time, was proud to be his Mistress.  Now, AP wants to soften her background.  No, though she slept with Brown, she was only his “friend” or “companion”…just like his dog.  Journalism has been destroyed in this country and AP has shown it to be a political operation not a news operation

“This morning I woke up to a hilarious statement by AP Stylebook. The latest target of woke progressive lunacy is apparently the term “mistress.”

According to AP Stylebook,

“Don’t use the term mistress for a woman who is in a long-term sexual relationship with, and is financially supported by, a man who is married to someone else. Instead, use an alternative like companion, friend or lover on first reference and provide additional details later.”

A prostitute is one who gets a monetary benefit from using their sex.  Kamala Harris slept with Brown and he got her the job of City Attorney, District Attorney and Attorney General—all well paying jobs.  As President Reagan once said, “Politics is the second oldest profession and sometimes it resembles the first.”.  He must have known kamala Harris, “friend” to Willie Brown.