Lynn Compton Wins District 4 Supervisor Race

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San Luis Obispo County Clerk completed vote counts and certified Lynn Compton winner in of the race for Supervisor of San Luis Obispo’s 4th District on Friday, June 22nd, 2018.  The race was very close with the final tally giving incumbent Supervisor Compton only 60 votes over newcomer Jimmy Paulding.  Compton’s 50.16% lead over Paulding’s 49.84% Read More

San Luis Obispo Police Officers Association Backs Dan Dow for DA

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE April 27, 2018 Contact: Stephen Puetz Phone: (760) 716-9250 San Luis Obispo Police Officers Association Backs Dan Dow for DA San Luis Obispo – The San Luis Obispo Police Officers’ Association is the fifth major public safety organization this month to endorse District Attorney Dan Dow’s re-election campaign. Earlier in the month Read More

Dan Dow Visits Atascadero to Speak gets numerous applause

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On Monday April 4th, Dan Dow the district attorney of San Luis Obispo county visited Atascadero to speak to the North County Tea Party group. His talking points covered the district attorney’s office and procedures. Dow was proud of the tremendous work the office has made and boasted the over 12,000 cases his office handles Read More

Lynn Compton Endorsed by police association

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE January 30, 2018 CONTACT: Damian Fussel Arroyo Grande Police Officers Association unanimously endorses Lynn Compton for 4th District Supervisor ARROYO GRANDE, CA – Lynn Compton’s campaign for re-election as 4th District Supervisor announced it has received the unanimous endorsement of the Arroyo Grande Police Officers Association. “Lynn has proven herself to be Read More

Shaydak home in jeopardy due to flood waters

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The Shaydak’s, John and Erna, have been living in their local Atascadero home for over 47 years. The couple was concerned that the creek behind their cottage had eroded the earth under their home due to the redirection of the water way. According to a statement by Mr. Shaydak, the city poured concrete into the Read More

Star Wars comes to Sunken Gardens

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  The city of Atascadero presented another movie in the park as the summer winds down and kids are back in school. The movie in the park event is quickly becoming a standard in the summer months for Atascadero residents and tonight the showing for Star Wars episode VII the force awakens is no exception. Read More

Cruz drops out, Now what?

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Ted Cruz recently suspended his campaign for President of United States. The Presidential race heats up as supporters of Ted Cruz scramble to regroup. Conservatives finding no comfort in a Donald Trump candidacy are looking to find an alternate in the Libertarian party. Gary Johnson seems to be the Front runner for the nomination. The Read More

North county tea party hosts pizza and debate 3

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This October 28 at the round table pizza in Atascadero the north county tea party will host a pizza party where members of their organization will facilitate a discussion about the candidates their styles positions and performance. The debates are scheduled to start at 2 PM Pacific time for the predebate and 5 PM Pacific Read More

National day of prayer 2015

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Today was the national day of prayer. Atascadero held a prayer meeting at noon in the sunken gardens in celebration and reflection of this day. All were welcomed to attend. Read More

April Tax Season more Taxing than ever.

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This April the tax season was even more taxing than ever as the Obama administration’s new ACA (affordable care act) hits taxpayers nationwide harder than ever before. Many taxpayers were shocked to find out that they were the victims of a new tax for simply not buying a product the government now requires. While many Read More