Popular Atascadero shortcut in jeopardy

10 years ago Editor 0

A popular shortcut to Traffic way from highway 41 is to cross the small creek bridge that gaps the Atascadero creek and connects Via Avenue and Ensenada Avenue. Many people use this bridge as a quick access and to avoid more heavily traveled roads. Used Both as an emergency vehicle route and a traffic relief road during busy pickup times at the Jr. High school, the route has one local who lives on the steer up in arms. Tom Wilson lives at the 5 way intersection joining Ensenada and Capistrano with the 41 access road called Mercedes. His concerns are that the bridge is not suitable for heavy tractor trailer trucks and busses, particularly the trash trucks using the route to get to the dump of of Highway 41. Wilson stated his belief that the only way to solve his concern was to close the popular access bridge, thus giving him a much desired traffic reduction. Resident Jason Anderson stated, “slowing traffic down with illuminated speed limit signs and putting sidewalks on Ensenada would produce a safer environment for everyone, without closing the bridge.” The city has since put up signs prohibiting heavy trucks from using the bridge and Wilson and Anderson plan to pitch the idea of sidewalks and illuminated speed limit signs to the city council soon. Hopefully, these small changes will keep a beloved access bridge open and make traffic safer for pedestrians.