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Stephen Frank

The Case for Assemblyman Kevin Kiley for Governor

Stephen Frank, Exclusive to the California Political News and Views, 7/9/21

(Disclosure—I have not endorsed any candidate for Governor, though I have advised several)

During the Viet Nam War, the Left had a saying, “What did you do in the War, Daddy?”.  The purpose was to point out those who stood by and did nothing or supported the War.  Or those that rallied, marched, protested and were actively involved in ending the War.

That brings me to the Newsom Recall.  To me it is a War—a war to save California, to return to honest government, to send a message that the people control the government, the government does not own the people.

JOB ONE is to pass the Recall.  If we don’t, who cares who got the most votes or had the splashiest commercials or was able to get the most print?  I am glad there will be many candidates—each will bring voters to the polls and articulate why Newsom has to go?  It would be felony stupid for the California Republican Party to endorse any candidate.  If they do, two things happen—it will suppress the vote for other candidates—as well as suppressing the vote for a Yes on the Recall.

Second, it will prove to the Democrats and the State, in their view, this was a GOP operation all along.  Why give the Democrats ammunition?

In 2003 Arnold Schwarzenegger—who did nothing for the Simon for Governor campaign in 2002, decided three days before filing closed to PARACHUTE into the race.  Using his celebrity and smile, no one questioned what he knew about government, policy, and the players in Sacramento.  He was a star and that is all that mattered.  I expect with just 67 days to the election and seven days till filing closes, others, some “celebrities” will parachute into the race and claim “leadership”.

To them and all of the other candidates in the Recall, I have just one question, “WHAT DID YOU DO IN THE WAR, DADDY?”

While the grassroots worked fairs, door to door, churches, small gatherings, what did you do?  While folks spent 24/7 promoting the need for the Recall by doing face to face meeting around the State, ZOOM events, show us you worked to get your supporters and volunteers to distribute petitions, write letters to the editor and challenge Governor Newsom. 

We will see a billionaire few have heard of PARACHUTING into the race.  We will see a celebrity PARACHUTE into the race.  Neither were involved in the Recall nor know the issues of the State and how to handle them.

The next Governor has to be THE Governor.  Arnold got elected, and like Robert Redford at the end of the movie The Candidate. Had to ask, now what do we do.  Arnold hired staff and they destroyed the Republican Party and gave direction to the Democrats on how to destroy the State—i.e. AB 32 which killed jobs, companies and raised the cost of living in California.

The next Governor needs to be someone of energy, intelligence and knowledge.  Not for the next 67 days till the election, but has shown a desire to make California better, willing to sacrifice over the long term.

That brings me to Assemblyman Kevin Kiley.  Yes, he has been a consistent voter for California values in the legislature.  But, he is not a back bencher.  While others were pontificating about the horrors of the California economy, he successfully sued the Governor, he wrote a book on why Newsom should be Recalled.  While others look at how they would sound more like the Democrats or literally stay out of the fray, or planning on spending millions of their own money—Kiley was getting his people, from around the State to distribute petitions, he was speaking at large and small groups, he took to the media to educate the public why Newsom had to go.

Politics is different today.  Old Fashioned campaigning no longer does the trick.  In the 1960’s there was a phrase, “don’t trust anyone over 40”.  Kiley is a Harvard grad, a former prosecutor, an Assembly member—and just 36 years old.  Unlike the other candidates he has the knowledge and able to relate to Millennials.

Finally, the people involved in the Recall effort, the workers, know he was shoulder to shoulder with them.  These are now seasoned veterans of politics, communities and understand what it takes to work hard in politics.  They are not keyboard commandos.  They are not philosophical observers—Kiley is the only candidate who can organize trained, experienced volunteers to work for his election.  He has been to most of the counties in the State, promoting the Recall and California values.  From my calls around the State, it appears he can have his grassroots organized in a few days.  Probably the only candidate that will have that advantage.

The bottom line is simple.  We need to pass the Recall.  At the same time we need to elect someone ready on day one to Govern.  We do not need a Robert Redford, or an Arnold who will depend on staff.

Unless someone more qualified gets into the race in the next seven days, It appears Assemblyman Kevin Kiley has what it takes to win—and to be a Governor for all California. We need a candidate with a PLAN not a PARACHUTE.