April Tax Season more Taxing than ever.

9 years ago Editor 0

This April the tax season was even more taxing than ever as the Obama administration’s new ACA (affordable care act) hits taxpayers nationwide harder than ever before. Many taxpayers were shocked to find out that they were the victims of a new tax for simply not buying a product the government now requires. While many people were shocked to be have been lied to by our president, others seem to be protective of the presidents obvious lies and hope the ends justify the means. Millions of people who couldn’t afford healthcare are now subsidized while millions of others who could afford healthcare or now have now been canceled. Healthcare rates and costs still climb while the nation spends billions on major changes the soon to be driving healthcare costs in excess ability in the opposite direction of what it was intended.

We have now become a country that rewards those who do poorly and punish those who do well. This idea has never been one of the ideals esteamed by past Americans. But has nearly always been the trumpeted cry of those craving power by lowering unsuspecting, low information, poorer class citizens to rally for their cause and to be used simply as pawns in their game of power and corruption.