Voter Fraud: Linda Paine of Election Integrity Project draws crowd

5 years ago Editor 0

Voter fraud in California has been repeatedly denied or downplayed by officials responsible for voter integrity. The problem is that those responsible for election integrity don’t have any incentive to prove that they are doing a poor job. Step in Linda Paine the driving force behind Election integrity project (and website to shine a light on just how bad the problem is. Her efforts have revealed major problems in the elections held in California. According to Paine, EIP has uncovered over 1.5million ineligible voters were identified just in Los Angeles County alone.

EIP and Landmark legal foundation have been working together and have won a legal battle to force the California Secretary of State Alex Padilla to clean up the voter rolls over the next four years.

Linda spoke at the Republican headquarters in Atascadero and was introduced by Andrea Seastrand.

Paine explained that the laws surrounding voter harvesting have been extended to allow anyone to pickup ballots and deliver them to the post office or polling place This change makes a striking gap in the integrity of the secret ballot as well as making the most vulnerable in our communities open for voter fraud.

Paine continued to explain the vote by mail, provisional ballot, and vote counting methods and strategies that are being exploited to tip the ballot box in favor of those who work toward electing people to office at any cost.

Video link of event to be posted