We are not a nation of borders, we are a nation of ideas

5 years ago Editor 0

Our nation is great. America has lead the way in how to get things done and other nations have had tremendous breakthroughs in large portions of their societies by the ideas that have come from America. State sanctioned slavery nearly gone in the world due to America’s leadership and condemnation of the practice. Private property ownership precluding government ownership has led to a worldwide explosion of wealth and success. Securing our borders isn’t about keeping people out, it’s about keeping our precious nations people who think like no one else in history safe. The walls we need are sometimes physical, but they only are to funnel people to a vetting station. We naturalize people entering this country. So anyone coming in knows – Don’t step on these ideas. The same way you would tend a special garden where valuable flowers grow. Gardeners pull the weeds that would choke out the most vulnerable and beautiful. Law and order are what make gardens possible. The world is covered with wild lands. It’s the natural state of things, but the garden that is America has produced beauty the world has never seen before. Everyone should come and visit this wonderful place and make your own garden, but you need to go through the gate and know the rules first. Don’t step on the flowers.