LA Unified: A gang that can’t shoot straight

5 years ago Editor 0

May 14, 2019

LAUSD is bankrupt.  It signed a union contract it can not pay.  It is demanding a bond from the people of L.A. and that will lose.  The District will be taken over by the State.  This is a District that 8n 2017 gave 52% of its diploma’s to students with a “D” average—functionally illiterate.  If I did a campaign against government schools, LAUSD would be the poster child.

“They tend, however, to downplay, or even ignore, those reasons as they ask voters for more tax money, instead promising improvements in services. LA Unified says the proceeds of its parcel tax would reduce classroom overcrowding and improve student services, but it also would help pay the district’s escalating “contributions” to the California State Teachers Retirement System and the California Public Employees Retirement System.

Several factors set LA Unified’s proposal, Measure EE, apart from the others. One is that because the district is so large, its proposed parcel tax—16 cents a square foot on residential and commercial structures—has become a proxy test for a statewide measure, already qualified for the 2020 ballot, that would raise conventional property taxes on commercial real estate.

LAUSD can not afford the unions or the pension system—they could work with the teachers directly, due to State law can not get rid of CalSTRS.