Memorial Day honoring the fallen at Faces of Freedom

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Memorial day is a day of honoring those who have fallen in the battles for freedom. We often think of those men and women who gave their lives for our way of life much to sell them. People nearly filled the small park in front of the faces of freedom to honor those fallen man and women Sunday. Take Mason was the master of ceremonies and a short fly over from two planes from his fellow warm or brunch museum. Cal poly’s ROTC cadets and Central Coast pipes and drums perform the presentation of colors The national anthem was saying by Marlon Veron. An invocation given by Pastor Tom Farrell of the Atascadero Bible Church. The attendees then listened to and Armed Forces medley as former and current county clerk  Tommy Gong playing taps with his son Darren, and an cappella group singing the battle hymn of the republic then national anthem sung.